Computer sites for toddlers-Games with surprises

Over the last two months my boys have mastered the laptop mouse so now they can play and do computer activities more freely.  A friend of mine who works professionally in computer game education reminded me recently of a few things:

1-Posture:  make sure that the computer is at eye level and that they are not hunching their backs.

2-Screen time: Remember short bursts are important.

3-Activity choice: When picking computer games not to only go for the ones that have right or wrong answers.  There needs to be a balance of those ‘educational’ game types of right and wrong answers and ones that have unexpected events or elements that create opportunities for higher thinking skills and problem solving, experimental responses.

Here are a few that they like at the moment and we keep going back to:

1-Cebeebies: Bob the Builder Sunflower Park:  Here they can choose to play or build the park.  If they choose the build option, they have freedom of choice to choose the order they build them, who they build with and what colour certain parts of the playground will be.  The See Saw game also adds an element of the unexpected when the rabbits start getting out of control and jumping all over the place.  Then they have to experiment.

2-Dr Seuss The Lorax Quest: The player needs to pick up truffala seeds using basic keys, jump basic obstacles and try our different ways to get the seeds as some are flying in the air.  There is also an unexpected problem solving element here when the truffala seeds escape the player unexpectedly and they need to go back and find them.  This caused them to discuss how they could do that and experiment.

What games are you playing that have an element of surprise?


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