This week at the Weekly Kids Co-op

Well since joining the Weekly Kid’s Co-op of at least 40 blogs in the last two weeks, Ways2play have taken many twists and turns on this fantastic journey and discovered places of play of all description, which continue to inspire.  Here are some of our favourite highlights of this ongoing and exciting adventure:

Make Chalk Rocks and Homemade Chalk Board from the Idea Room

This idea showed how to make homemade chalk board paint.  While reading I started to imagine how many ways you could use this and what fun you could have in a kid’s room with different shapes and even colours.  You could even use it for own decor purposes as this post originally started out.


 Toddler Egg Decorating at Red Ted Art

This one although labelled as an Easter activity doesn’t need to wait until then.  It is also great for spring.  These amazing looking chicks are made from eggs and tissue paper.  I was amazed at how easy they were to make.  Their are many examples of various chicks you can make at Red Ted Art.  This is also a site well worth exploring.  We will be making these in the next week or so and adding them to our spring tree.



Ways2play favourite of the fortnight goes to….

{I am the Lorax, I Speak for the Trees} Seattle Area Lifestyle Photographer


Apart from the stunning visuals of this blog, it consistently has inspiring, fun and engaging ideas.  If you don’t know the Lorax then you can find out all about him here and if you do then this is a superb way to bring a book alive.  We didn’t know the book and we have ordered it.  So our adventure with the Lorax begins.

For more varied and wonderful play ideas from this weeks Kid’s Co-op look at this week’s link up, add your own or join us as a host at the Weekly Kids’ Co-op.

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